Puppy waiting list application

-Submit this form, & $200. To reserve your spot on our waiting list (deposit is applied to the adoption fee and is non-refundable).

-Once the puppies are two weeks old, I will start contacting those on the list in the order deposits are placed. Pictures and videos will be avalible to help you choose. Once you have picked your puppy an additional $300. Is due to hold that puppy for you until it is ready to go home at 6 weeks old. (The $300. is applied toward the placement fee of your puppy.)

-Final payment is due in cash at pick-up. (If puppy is to be delivered, final payment must be made before puppy leaves the kennel.)

-The total adoption fee is $1,200. For Tri colored puppies. $2,000. For Merle Puppies. 

Visitation Policy: We do not allow visitation when we have puppies under the age of 8

weeks. This policy is in the best interest of the puppies, to keep them safe from

communicable diseases. The one exception is for buyers to pick up their puppy; this must

be approved and scheduled. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in

helping keep our puppies safe and healthy!


The Waiting list is closed.

Feel free to call with any questions


Puppy Pick-up (puppies start going home at 6 weeks and must be picked up before 7 week of age, $15.00 per night boarding fee, for puppies that are not picked up by 7 weeks old.)

In person, where you schedule a time to come and pick up your puppy in person.

Door to door delivery service, your puppy will be delivered to your door at a

prescheduled time: Please request quote via text or phone (512) 284-1511 Morgan Nutt

Commitment To Your Puppy

o If unforeseen circumstances arise, you agree to contact us to help re-home your


o Proper socialization requires exposing your puppy to new things, places, and

contexts daily. From the time your puppy leaves the kennel until 6 months of age.

o Puppy classes are highly encouraged. Classes help to teach you and your puppy to


o Your puppy will require a lot of your time and energy for exercise and training. 

o Puppy expenses include veterinary care, monthly flea and heartworm prevention, food,

crate, and grooming expenses. 

o Spay/Neuter is required by 7 months of age via contract Agreement

We reserve the right to retain any puppy for our breeding program.

Unfortunate events, such as miscarriage, loss of a puppy, or smaller than expected

litters can occur. This does not qualify you for a refund of your deposit.

Deposits may be returned at anytime at the discretion of the breeder. Applicants/depositors and breeder all agree that any return of deposit means that any and all verbal or implied agreements to sell a puppy to that applicant/depositor are then terminated.

Breeding Quality Healthy puppies takes time.  

(By submitting this form, applicant/purchaser agrees to comply with all requirements and

statements on this form.)