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(Thorn Hill Timones Chloe GV01727F1)

Foal Countdown Timer

Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 4.49.36 PM.png

Faith is in foal to SD Empire for 2024

Faiths due date is May 25th. 

We are expecting a piebald tobiano. This combination will be heavy in bone and feather. Stay tuned for updates.

SD Empire

We are honored to have the opportunity to breed our Faith to SD Empire. He's an amazing stallion with great conformation, personality and all that hair. This breeding will be repeated for a 2025 foal as well.


SD Empire is out of 

Sire: SD Apple Jack

Dam: SD Diva

DOB: August 20, 2013

with greats in his pedigree like

SD Woolly Mammoth, & SD Street Fighter

E/e W20/n PSSM1-neg

Gold Star TGCA 

Grand Champion Stallion – TGCA 

Supreme Halter Champion – TGCA 


Faith's 2023 foal

Victory, was born February 3, 2023

She will be staying here at Broken Heart Ranch.

Thorn Hill Timones Chloe GV01727F1


(Thorn Hill Timones Chloe)

2008 GVHS GV01727F1

14.3HH, Piebald. 

Homozygous Black

Homozygous Tobiano

Negative for PSSM1

Sire: Timone of Lion King

Dam: North Hollow Heidi

Faith loves to watch over the foals, she is so gentle with them. She also loves soft peppermints and bananas.

Thorn Hill Timones Chloe GV01727F1


What color Is that Gypsy?

Gypsys, Gypsy Vanners, or Gypsy Cobs, come in all colors. The most iconic colors, however, are piebald (black and white) and skewbald (brown and white). All colors are accepted. 

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