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I would love to help you find the perfect Australian Shepherd or Gypsy Vanner for your family.

My Broken Heart Aussies

Lockhart Texas, 78644
Tel 1-512-497-7313

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Located near central Texas, My Broken Heart Ranch is 25 miles southeast of Austin off Hwy 183. It is 74 miles northeast of San Antonio and 158 miles from Houston.


Australian Shepherd Puppies
AKC Aussies, Inspired by our surroundings!

The peaceful country side, acres and acres of grass, and the cool canopy of the Spanish Oaks offer the ultimate balance of tranquility & activity. The combination of open grass land & Spanish oak grove provide stunning views and help to keep all of our dogs physically and mentally fit. This provides the perfect environment for our Australian Shepherd puppies to thrive and grow into beautiful show quality dogs.

All of our puppies are born in our home and are socialized with adults, children other dogs and cats. Our puppies are used to outside temperatures and are kennel trained at 6 weeks old. We do not allow outside visitors while we have unvaccinated puppies!


My Broken Heart Ranch

Because its personal, its my heart that's broken. Not dented or bruised, battered or squished. It's broken. Mine is in in three pieces all about the same size. Tiny little pieces with sharp edges that catch you when you're not  looking and start the pain all over again.

Doesn't it seem that the world should stop when your heart breaks? That the sun should pause the wind should stop and time should stand still. When tragedy strikes and your world is upside down shouldn't everything around you be still. 

The people in your life say, "I'm sorry for your loss, I can't even imagine, and let me know if you need any thing". Within a week everyone has forgotten you and your pain. They, and the world, keeps on turning, going back to the way it's always been. My Broken Heart is still broken.

This has taken me 17,11, and 5 months to write. It's evolving and will take the rest of my life to complete. As I type these words I keep having to wipe away the tears, as those sharp edges keep bringing back the pain.

I chose "My Broken Heart" Because I'm not the only one that has a broken heart. Maybe, I might be able to help yours heal Just a little. 

So Let the Healing Begin!


MY Broken Heart Australian Shepherds.

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