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Thorn Hill Timones Chloe (Faith) by WR Great Scott 

Introducing My Broken Heart Ranch's first full Gypsy Vanner foal. Victory is an answered prayer. This lovely filly arrived February 3, 2023.


WR Great Scott 2013

GVHS GV0300014.2HH


Homozygous Black

Homozygous Tobiano

Negative for PSSM1 & FIS.

Sire: Pilot By ER

Dam: Pearlie Queen

WR Great Scott is currently standing at Winsome Blue Farm in Ocala Florida. Scott has earned Multiple Champion titles in English, Western, USDF Dressage, and Halter.

GVHS Evaluated 5 Star ​


My Story

Looking toward the future!

That is what brought Gypsy horses into my life. I've always loved horses. I spent my childhood playing with My Little Ponies and Barbie horses. Dreaming of riding as the school bus carried me to and from school. In 8th grade my dad got me a bay Quarter Horse that bucked and was spooky. Her name was Colorado. About a week latter he surprised me with a sorrel Thoroughbred that liked to jump fences. I named her Grasshopper. I learned to ride, self taught, and how to care for these majestic creatures. Horses gave me freedom, purpose and confidence.

After High school, like many others I had less and less free time for horses. Working a full time job and then dating and starting a family took precedence. I would often joke that I hadn't figured out how to put a car seat on my horse yet. I did manage to keep a back yard pony but only got to ride a couple times a year.

Over the years I would dream of riding and driving and even someday having a Gypsy.

In 2019 my youngest child was turning 9, I thought about how much I missed having a toddler around the house. Then just like that, I was pregnant. Our family was so excited! A baby after all those years. We had no idea it was even possible. Then, at our regular 14 week check up, no heart beat. In shock, I said the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Praise be the Lord. That was something that God had taught me from years of raising puppies.  I gave birth to Alex about 10 days later on February 25, 2020 4:29pm 3.3 oz. 7 inches. When he was born he was tangled in his umbilical cord. According to the doctor it was and accident and the likelihood of it happening again was impossible.

Our doctor said it was safe to try again, our hearts where broken but we had been dreaming of a bigger family, and according to the Dr. this was a fluke. So we timed things just right and by May I was pregnant again. Everything did not go smoothly. There was an incredible amount of stress and spotting and grief from losing Alex. What I was not prepared for was having my baby so early. Joshua was born at just 14 weeks. There was no pain, no warning, he was just here! He was much too small to survive, nothing could be done for him. My husband held him in his hand and wept as he died. Joshua August 17, 2020 12:19pm 2.3oz 6inches

I was devastated! Our specialist said my cervix was weak and if I got pregnant again, he could add a stitch and everything would be ok. I was not going to put my family especially my husband through this again. Until one night when we were alone he leaned over and asked about trying. My heart was still yearning for another child to hold, so one cycle later I was pregnant for the 3rd time in 2020. Things where not normal this time either. More bleeding and clots and stress. At 12 weeks I got the stitch put in that would keep my cervix closed. Two weeks later at the post op check, no heartbeat. The Dr. removed the stitch. I told him he was zero for three. We went home and Matthew was born just 3 days later on January 3, 2021 9:08am 1.6oz 5.5inches.

In 2020, I lost three second trimester babies. According to my doctors it's extremely rare. All the tests that they could think to do came back normal.

A month after losing Matthew, I lost my dad. In the middle of all this my best friend decided she didn't have time for me and that it was my fault. I lost all my confidence. I quit my job.

Broken hearted and crushed in spirt I wept. I still weep, at every birthday, holiday, every time I see a child that would be about their ages. Day to day life was unbearable. 

In June 2021 I decided to get outside and ride my back yard pony. It took a couple days and more than one trip to town to put together a bridle and complete saddle. I saddled up my palomino paint pasture ornament (Sunny) and after a come to Jesus meeting, we had a nice ride. 

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. "Winston Churchill"

He was so right about that, I felt better. Not fixed but better. Maybe just maybe there was a way to get through all this emotional pain, fear, anxiety. I began to plan. I need a purpose-a reason to get up, to go, something to look forward to. I really wanted a bigger horse. I'm a big gal and a bigger horse just makes sense. 

I prayed, and God answered!

In July I traveled to Florida, to pick up my first Gypsy (Faith). I've told others that God gave me faith I just had to go to Florida to get it. Faith was 15 and had a shoulder injury making her unridable. She was a package deal with her pasture mate Mayflower, who has a heart condition making her a  permanent pasture pet. 

Thus began MY Broken Heart Ranch,

Faith was bred to Great Scott in 2022. February 3, 2023 Victory was born; our first full Gypsy foal.

Victory is my answered prayer! 

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